Using Facebook for Your Dog Business

If you want to have a steady stream of clients for your dog business, you need to constantly and consistently promote it. Today, one of the best methods of promoting both large and small businesses is through social media or social networking sites like Facebook. Facebook now has over 1 billion users. With that massive number of members, you can be assured that there are hundreds of households using Facebook in your dog business’ target market or location. There are several reasons why you should consider creating a Facebook page for your dog business. Among these include the following:

– You can extend your search for prospective clients. Aside from visiting homes and dog centers, creating a Facebook page could provide that opportunity to extend your market. With Facebook, you can introduce your dog-related services to your friends, the friends of your friends, and also the strangers who will find your services or Facebook page interesting. It’s one of the keys towards servicing clients not only at your business’ location but at other nearby towns or cities as well. If you are providing quality services, you might be surprised that your business could become popular almost instantly.

– Facebook is a free form of advertisement for your dog business. Advertising your business on the television, radio, or newspaper could be expensive. And it’s not that practical if your business is small. Creating a Facebook account or page is a form of advertisement where there are no costs involved except the time you devote in managing it.

– Your Facebook page could serve as your business portfolio. To convince your prospective clients to hire you for your services, you have to show them evidence of your topnotch work. This could only be done by compiling pictures that would serve as your portfolio. In the dog business, there are specific niches where a portfolio is very important. The best example would be the washing and grooming service. Your Facebook page can serve as the place where you could post and compile an album of your work or service samples.

– Facebook lets you interact or communicate with your customers. One of the most important elements of business is customer service. The best customer service does not only require you to provide your usual dog-related service but you should also have that professional yet friendly attitude towards customers. Another essential element of customer service is the accessibility of communication with you, the business owner or service provider. Facebook is just one of the perfect venues for you to entertain and interact with your customers. Interested people could address their questions directly on your Facebook page, chat with you on the details of your service, etc. In your Facebook page, you could also make all your business announcements.

– Facebook is a good tool you can use to compete. The good thing about these social media and social networking sites is that they provide an opportunity for you to compete even against the large and long established dog businesses. As long as you have effectively used Facebook in promoting your services, you can always achieve that high volume of clients that other businesses enjoy.